Clubs in the United States

Alabama - Central Alabama Disc Dog Club
Arizona - Phoenix Area Disc Dogs
Northern California - Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate
Southern California - Disc Dogs in Southern California
Colorado - Colorado Disc Dogs
Florida - Central Florida Dog & Disc Club
Florida - Tropicanine Disc Club of South Florida
Georgia - Greater Atlanta Dog & Disc Club
Indiana - Indy Dog & Disc Club
Kentucky - Disc Dogs of Michigan
Minnesota - Minnesota Disc Dog Club
Kansas City, Missouri - Kansas City Disc Dogs
St. Louis, Missouri - St. Louis Disc Dogs
Nevada - Atomic Dogs
Ohio - Southern Ohio Flyin' K9s
Dallas, Texas - Dallas Dog & Disc Club
Houston, Texas - Houston Canine Frisbee Disc Club
Washington/Oregon - Washington Owners of Flying Disc Dogs
Virginia - Appalachian Air Canines

Northeast Club Partners

Mid-Atlantic Disc Dogs - Maryland area

Granite State Disc Dogs - New Hampshire

Competition Series Organizations

AWI - Ashley Whippet Invitational

UFO - Unified Frisbee Organization

USDDN - United States Disc Dog Nationals

FDDO - Flying Disc Dog Open

The Quad - The Quadruped

Skyhoundz - Skyhoundz

UpDog Challenge - The UpDog Challenge

International Disc Dog Clubs

Alberta, Canada - Zero Gravity Disc Dogs
Ontario, Canada - High Flying Canines
Colombia - Disc Dog Colombia

Do you have or know of a club outside the United States that should be represented here?

¿Tiene usted o sabe de un club fuera de los Estados Unidos que deben ser representados en esta lista?

Email the webmaster with the link and information!

Please only suggest clubs - no performance/demo/show teams are listed if there is no club component (with membership and sanctioned qualifiers).

Dog-Safe Discs

Hero Disc USA - Hero Disc USA

Discovering The World - Discovering The World

Hyperflite - Hyperflite

We are proud to work with both M.A.D. Dogs and Granite State Disc Dogs to support the disc dog sport throughout the New England region on down to Maryland.  Please consider supporting these clubs as well!

More events will be coming soon! We look forward to coordinating more qualifiers and fun play days next season.

Please note that any clubs listed here are a courtesy for visitors interested in learning more about the disc dog sport.  Please support local clubs!  Only clubs with memberships and sanctioned local and/or qualifying events are listed.  Organizations run as a business for demonstrations, performances etc. will not be listed here.  

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